The end of the school year is an excellent opportunity to remind the teachers in your life of how much you appreciate the hard work they do. At a time when there is increased pressure on the teachers(opens in a new tab) in our classrooms, there’s no such thing as too much gratitude.

Though the official Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 8-12, you can (and probably should) show your gratitude even beyond this designated week. From gift cards to personalized stationery, here are a few items (under $50!) that can make great gifts. 

With amounts ranging from $20 to $500, a Walmart gift card is the perfect gift that will allow teachers to support their classrooms and themselves as needed. From classroom supplies, to skincare for a self-care day after a long school week, Walmart can serve as a one-stop-shop for their needs. 

For the teacher who is stuck behind a desk all day, but still wants to stay hydrated, this 32-ounce water bottle, branded with the words “Teach, Love, Inspire,” will allow them to stay on top of their daily water goals while broadcasting an inspirational message. 

This ceramic mug is unique and unforgettable, but also affordable (it currently costs $19.99). Featuring the message “An awesome teacher is not easy to find. Thank you for helping me grow” in gold letters, the mug also comes with a matching saucer and a gold, flower-shaped spoon. It’s the perfect gift for a teacher who wants to sip on something warm in style. 

It’s hard to go wrong with the gift of caffeine. Available on Amazon — which makes it easy to ship and an affordable purchase — Lavazza offers a number of its popular blends at varying prices. 

The organic premium is a medium roast described as a “sweet and elegant espresso, a velvety cream and persistent aromas with notes of honey and nuts” that costs $36.99 for 2.2 pounds. The same amount of coffee in the Super Crema flavor, with notes of hazelnut and brown sugar, is $22.99.

Purchase a tote bag with your teacher’s name on it from this Etsy retailer. The customizable tote bag features a pencil, paper clips, and a ruler, all bent into the shape of a rainbow. The cotton bag is the perfect accessory for a teacher looking for a stylish way to carry supplies. 

This personalized stationery allows teachers to write notes in style. Whether they’re sending a note to a colleague or preparing a message to go home with a student, these small cards will bring some joy to otherwise routine administrative tasks. 

This quiet air purifier is the perfect gift for any teacher who lives in an area with poor air quality and wants to clear a space of “smoke, pollen, dander, hair, and more” in as little as 12 minutes. This AROEVE air purifier is affordable, costing $49.99 on Amazon. For a little more of an investment, you can also seek out a critic-approved(opens in a new tab) purifier.

Teachers spend much of their day providing feedback to students in minor and major ways. This stamp kit features eight colorful stamps and allows teachers to add feedback to students’ work with notes such as “let’s work together on this one” and “your work is magical.” The stamps come in a package that is designed to resemble a school bus. 

Choose something from their personal shopping list 

It’s worth noting that many teachers create a running list of items they would like to be gifted each school year.

Before you purchase a gift, ask your teacher if they have one of these lists so that you can buy things that are relevant and useful to their specific needs at any given time. These lists usually also allow you to ensure you’re not purchasing an item that has already been gifted. 

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