YouTuber and fitness influencer Jessie James West is continuing his efforts in the world of competitive bodybuilding, and in the latest video on his channel, he recruits perhaps the best coach ever to aid in his competition prep: eight-time Mr. Olympia champion and all-round bodybuilding legend, Ronnie Coleman, a.k.a. the King.

West travels to the gym where Coleman has been training for 33 years, to take on the icon’s high-volume chest workout and absorb whatever wisdom he can.

In order to help West get a “juicy” pump in his pecs, Coleman prescribes a whole lot of bench press work, starting on a flat bench with a barbell, and then moving up to an incline bench press, and finally swapping the barbell for a pair of dumbbells.

West is one week out from his competition, so Coleman offers him some advice based on how he would get competition-ready, including switching to lighter weights in his workouts and ensuring he was getting enough protein. Although he never got bogged down in tracking his macros: “The only thing I’ve ever counted was protein and carbs,” he says.

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When asked if he has the same passion for the sport of bodybuilding now that he did back in the day, Coleman says yes without hesitating. “Favorite thing in all my life,” he tells West. “As long as you got passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.” He adds that he still works out every single day for 45 “quality” minutes, and will continue to train for the rest of his life. “I might even die at the gym,” he jokes.

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