Playdigious (Dead Cells, Streets of Rage 4) handles another stellar mobile port exclusively hosted on Netflix’s prized platform for top-quality mobile games, Netflix Games, on your favorite Android phone and tablet. Spiritfarer has Netflix subscribers assume the role of Stella, a ferry master who guides the deceased’s path into the afterlife. But much like the bathhouse ghosts in Spirited Away, the wandering souls in Netflix’s Spiritfarer have demands and requests that require attention. So to aid players in this emotional endeavor, we’ve created a short guide detailing the features, resource collection, and tips on sim management.


Collect as many Glims as you can

The digital currency within Netflix Games’ Spiritfarer is Glims. Glims are required to purchase materials, seeds, and key items for quests at shops. You’ll encounter islands during your travels that offer Jellyfish stages. Collect as many Jellyfish green and gold spirits as you can. Selling items to traders also salvages Glims.

How to acquire Bright Jelly and Glims

  1. Tap on the Jellyfish stage, then talk to Gwen after arriving at the location.
  2. The area around your ship grows dark, climb on high ground and prepare to jump at the flying Jellyfish.
  3. Jumping towards gold Jellyfish gives Glims, and green Jellyfish award Bright Jelly, which are key materials needed to construct the Guest House.

Tip: Start on high ground, and maneuver vertically in one area. If you have a ladder, use the ladder to capture the flying Jellyfish. Jellyfish fly faster at later stages, so you won’t be able to run after Jellyfish you’ve missed.

Taking care of your guests in Spiritfarer

Similar to Animal Crossing, your animal (spirit) friends have needs. First, pay attention to their dialogue and check their mood to see their likes. Then, build a kitchen early, and prepare food with their preferred types. For example, Gwen likes comfort food, and Atul isn’t picky.

Tip: To avoid getting overwhelmed, limit the number of spirits you bring on your ship and focus on their quests before adding new guests. The story only proceeds once you’ve released a spirit.

Take detours to build up resources

You need to add facilities on your boat and upgrade your entire ship, but this costs Glims and materials. Materials are scattered across islands, and tapping on islands lists the available resources you can scavenge. Cut trees, fish (wait until unlocking Atul for fishing help), jump off your ship and dive to collect rocks and crates manually. Thankfully there is no time limit for spirit recruiting and completing requests, so don’t hesitate to take plenty of detours along the way.

Tip: After inviting Atul on board, you can travel in safe mode. Toggle safe mode on when navigating a destination.

Visit Albert’s Shipyard to upgrade your boat

Boat size matters, especially when adding facilities and spirit guests to your ship. Visit Albert Shipyard to increase your boat’s size. The bigger the boat, the more grid space for adding buildings!

Place new buildings vertically on your ship

At the start of the game, you won’t have a stockpile of resources and Glim to spend. But once you’ve gained a healthy handle on your economy, you might be tempted to buy every available structure; it turns out your boat is limited in size and space (even with upgrades), so you must carefully organize your ship. The vertical placement of new facilities is key, even if the layout looks goofy. It’s why these built structures include ladders for access between levels.

There’s no cloud save support for the Netflix version of Spiritfarer

Please note that there is no cloud saving for this version of Spiritfarer, meaning once you’ve uninstalled the game or played on another device, the save file doesn’t carry over! The main story is approximately 30 hours long, so take care of the chosen device/data to ensure your save file isn’t lost before you finish.

How to play Spiritfarer on Netflix Games

The Netflix Games version of Spiritfarer uniquely includes native touch-controls, with a few minor hiccups. Thankfully, Playdigious has handily brought over optional controller support; this way, every player can experience Spiritfarer in their preferred environment. In addition, Spiritfarer’s unrestrictive timeline on the simulation and sandbox elements means players can unfold the story leisurely, completely respecting the pacing players want to take with the game — which is truly a blessing in disguise for mobile players with unpredictable schedules. All elements lead to this game being a top runner as one of the best Netflix games to play on Android, which is why we’ve included the download widget below. Alternatively, you can find the app through the Netflix Games library.

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