Pull that party popper ‘cos Linux Mint 21.2 ‘Victoria’ is now officially available to download.

This release is the stable series successor to last year’s Linux Mint 21.1 release. It remains based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and runs atop Linux kernel 5.15.

Most of you (I imagine) already know about Linux Mint 21.2’s new features as they’ve been covered here and on other Linux blogs pretty heavily over the past few months.

But if you’re you’re somehow not aware then you’re in for a modest treat.

Linux Mint 21.2: new icons, theme schemes, and Pix UI

Linux Mint 21.2 includes:

  • Tap-to-click enabled by default on the the login screen
  • Improved keyboard navigation in login screen password field
  • Refreshed UI for Software Manager, and featured apps include Flatpaks
  • Pix rebased on gThumb 3.12.2
  • New two-tone folder icons
  • Full support for HEIF and AVIF image files throughout the OS
  • Xreader can now preview Adobe Illustrator documents
  • New wallpapers

Linux Mint 21.2 also includes Cinnamon 5.8, the latest version of its home-grown desktop environment. Some modest changes are shipping as part of this update, including redesigned tooltips; accent colours in desktop notifications; and new ‘Cinnamon Styles’ for easier, more predictable theming.

Touchpad and touchscreen gesture support is also available in Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon, powered by the open-source TouchEgg project. However, gesture support is not enabled by default. Those wanting it should open the Gestures panel where, provided they have compatible hardware, it’s accessible.

Finally, rounding out a release full of thoughtful touches, Linux Mint devs have made the main menu applet freely resizable by grabbing the upper-right corner and dragging out/up/down.

Mint Menu is now freely resizeable

Download Linux Mint 21.2

Linux Mint 21.2: Software Manager revamped

You can download Linux Mint 21.2 from the Linux Mint website or via one of the official Linux Mint download mirrors. It’s available in three flavours – the standard Cinnamon, Xfce, and MATE.

Want to upgrade to Linux Mint 21.2 from Linux Mint 21.1? In a few days time you’ll be able to. First, install all updates to the current version, then open Update Manager, go the Edit menu, and select the “Upgrade to Linux Mint 21.1 ‘Victoria’” option.

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