Following on from a Crusader Kings III free weekend (where you could play CK3 for absolutely nothing), Paradox Interactive is currently having a huge publisher sale on Steam (opens in new tab). Legendary titles like Victoria 2, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect and Stellaris are all on sale at over 70% off, while lesser known fan favorites such as Age of Wonders: Planetfall are also seeing hefty discounts.

There are also some great deals on newer titles, albeit not-so-popular titles, such as Victoria 3 and Imperator: Rome. What’s more, if you already own a large number of Paradox titles, you’ll be glad to hear that the discounts extend to DLC. While Paradox tends to offer a range of smaller and larger DLCs for their games, the larger packs are often extremely expensive. So now could be the time to scoop up that DLC you’ve been wanting for a while.

If, like me, you’ve already devoted thousands of hours to Paradox titles, well — now is the time to devote a few thousand more. If you’re new to Paradox games, this is definitely the time to get started. Either way, prepare to wave goodbye to having a life!

Paradox is currently offering a huge number of games at a sizable discount, so head to the Steam Store to check out all the deals. There are some standout offers, though, which I’ll round up below. Discounts run until May 18th.

Best Paradox Interactive deals at Steam

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