Designers, like surfers, need to know when to catch a wave and when it’s time to kickout. Kudos to Sea’s Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan for moving on after riding the crest of the prairie/boho trend for so long. It’s not like they’ve made an about-face, but they have evolved their aesthetic, giving it more of a citified edge, while not abandoning prettiness.

This shift is evident from the recycled denim outfit that opens the lookbook, which was shot in Korea using local talents. Good-looking slouchy jeans of the same material are paired with the collection’s hero piece, a cardigan jacket with floral appliqués cut from sparkly ’80s jackets. Another pair of jeans, these featuring a light freckling of heart-charm embellishments, is paired with a variegated “fur” coat with a retro look, the kind that would be an epic vintage-store find. The Sea touch was applied to a trench via a removable pleated eyelet in navy blue; elsewhere khakis and a white shirt had subtle openwork details.

As resort hits stores concurrent ahead of thr holiday season, the team turned their attention to dressing up. “It’s something we’ve never focused on,” noted Paolini, who took to it like a fish to water. Day-to-night options, which include T-shirt/slipdress hybrids segued into a pink party dress and black velvet options. Not pictured in the lookbook is a black velvet dress with tie-dye velvet appliqués in a peachy color. The pièce de résistance is an inky midi skirt worn with a matching bra top under an ivory crochet collar that turns the idea of prim Victoriana on its head.

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