For this study, researchers conducted the largest trial of its kind to date, in order to better understand the connection between heart health and vitamin D.

To do so, they had older adult participants (60 to 84 years old) supplement vitamin D once a month for a duration of up to five years. Over 20,000 people took part, with roughly half of them taking a 60,000 IU vitamin D supplement monthly, and the other half taking a placebo.

From there, the researchers kept track of any major cardiovascular events amongst the participants, such as heart attacks or strokes, in order to assess how the vitamin D might impact the likelihood of such events.

And based on the findings, it would appear vitamin D is just as essential as ever. Namely, the number of major cardiovascular events was 9% lower in the participants supplementing vitamin D compared to the placebo group, with the rate of heart attacks specifically being 19% lower, and an 11% lower chance of coronary revascularization, compared to the placebo.

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