Samsung’s upcoming flip-foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, has leaked extensively in renders and blurry hands-on images over the last few weeks. The Flip 5’s bigger cover display should be its key highlight, providing a lot more real screen estate to enable new use cases. Rumors even suggest Google will optimize some of its apps for the flip phone’s outer display. Now, some marketing renders show the expanded functionality made possible by the Flip 5’s larger cover screen.

One leaked render displays the different use cases of the rumored 3.26″ cover screen. This includes showing the weather widget, your flight boarding pass, replying to an incoming message, a calendar widget, call history, and a battery widget. Compared to Flip 4, this should bring a big leap in functionality. However, if you were hoping to run apps in full-screen mode, it does not seem likely that it will be the case, so prepare to be disappointed.

The renders don’t show the Google-optimized apps in action on the Flip 5’s outer display, which could further help increase its usefulness.

Even if Samsung does not officially let you run full-blown apps on the Flip 5’s cover screen, you should be able to install CoverScreen OS to enable this functionality. The other two Flip 5 renders show the phone from the bottom and the outer display doing duty as the camera viewfinder.

These renders were initially shared by leaker Roland Quandt before being removed, likely due to a DMCA notice from Samsung. He also shared a Galaxy Z Fold 5 marketing image, showing the zero-gap hinge from the bottom, though that’s something we have seen numerous times in previous leaks.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, and the Galaxy Watch 6 series later this month, on July 26th. If you plan to upgrade to the foldables, register your interest in them now to get $50 off.

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