Growing up, my aunt owned a record player combo that was quite gargantuan and intimidating. Its sharp corners left scars on my tender flesh, it took up far too much space, and the sound quality was akin to a staticky tremble. In short, it was the source of much embarrassment and the stuff of technological nightmares. This history explains why I feel both envy and gratitude for non-intrusive, tiny speakers like this portable bluetooth speaker on Wayfair, now on sale for $68.

Portable Decorative Record Player with Bluetooth 

Surely, my childhood would’ve gone at least 15 percent smoother if this device was invented earlier. But for kids and grownups of today, there are apparently lots of other qualities to appreciate about this record player-speaker that aren’t rooted in childhood memories of being ashamed of an embarrassingly large, ugly speaker. For starters, it looks great: it comes in two electrifying shades of red and blue (which is sadly sold out at the moment) and boasts an attractive cylindrical shape with labeled buttons. The speaker’s also waterproof so it can withstand rain, trips to the beach, rain, or a shower. Another non-embarrassing fact about this speaker? It can play for 1,500 minutes straight, which means no awkward playlist pauses in the middle of a party. The speakers can be played solo or together, and according to shoppers, the duo produces “great sound” with “powerful bass”. 

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